Kirstie Linstrom

Hello!  My name is

Kirstie Linstrom,

Ms. L

but most students call me Ms. L!  I am the High School English teacher; I teach English I, II, III, and English 1301, which is the dual credit English course.  I am also the Student Council sponsor.  I received my Master of Arts in English from Stephen F. Austin State University (Axe 'em!) and taught there before I moved to Chireno ISD.  This is my second year at Chireno High School.    

My conference period for the 2018-2019 school year is from 11:18am-12:05pm.  Feel free to call the school during that time if you would like to talk with me.  My email is if you wish to contact me via email. 

It's a great day to be an owl!