Who decides what is taught at each grade level and content area?

The State Board of Education (SBOE) adopts and periodically updates the curriculum standards for public education in Texas. The state's curriculum standards are the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). The TEKS are what the state expects students to know and be able to do.

Does Chireno ISD follow the TEKS?
Yes. As an accredited public school in Texas, Chireno ISD must provide instruction in the TEKS.

Since the TEKS are required, which curriculum decisions does Chireno ISD make?
Chireno ISD decides when during the school year certain skills are taught. For example, multiplication is introduced in 2nd grade. We get to decide if it's introduced in February or April of 2nd grade. The schedule of teaching is often referred to as an instructional calendar. Simply stated, it's when we plan to teach the required skills during the school year. We also decide how we assess new learning. There are many strategies to determine whether or not students are mastering grade level expectations. Sometimes they demonstrate knowledge through analysis or debate. Students may need to remember basic facts or they may be expected to create a product that reflects mastery of new skills. The tool used to measure student learning is considered the assessment. Chireno ISD also decides which resources will be used to enhance the instruction. These resources are considered instructional materials and may include workbooks, technology applications, computer programs, and/or textbooks.

Does Chireno ISD utilize the TEKS Resource System?
Yes. The TEKS Resource System is a valuable resource for our district. Teachers follow the instructional calendar and administer the assessments. Following the assessment, teachers and administrators review student performance and discuss weaknesses and strengths. This is the most important part of assessment; we reflect on what we're doing well and discuss areas for improvement. Instructional adjustments are made to meet the needs of students. Chireno ISD utilizes the instructional calendar (the when we teach it resource) and the assessment (evaluation of student learning) components of the TEKS Resource System. The lesson design and delivery is left entirely to our education professionals, our experts, our teachers. To us, that is the art of teaching.

Do parents have access to lessons and assessments?
Absolutely! Parents may request access to instructional plans and materials at any time. Many teachers provide lesson topics on the weekly homework helper or newsletter. Teachers may send graded assessments home or keep the assessments to review with students. Check with your child's teacher to determine his/her plan for graded assessments. All requests to view lessons and assessments will be considered with respect to the education process. Access to materials may not be granted to provide an unfair advantage to one student over another. For example, a parent may not request to view the assessment two days before his/her child takes the assessment or request a teacher's lecture notes in an effort to substitute for his/her child's note-taking during class.

For additional information about CISD's instructional program, please contact Heather Hagle, Director of Student Services at heather.hagle@chirenoisd.org or 936-362-2132 ext 111.

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